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The novel ended as it began: with a question.

The mark of maturity is a spot on one's skin, a sunspot; hers is a heart.

He spent the summer cutting and chopping firewood to save on his utility bills when the cold returns.

Do you know why I pulled you over?

I saw a great eagle eating road kill with its wings spread and with its back to traffic.

Someone will write a song about free agency some day. No, not that free agency.

The hero ate Ben and Jerry's ice cream.

There are things about ontogenesis and phylogenesis I do not understand; something about recapitulation.

The breadth of the subject is measured in how many cigarettes one consumes until they are confident.

The ambient noise at the library is like static but more generative.

One person arrived claiming experience on the present matter of squirt guns.

One person arrived claiming education and experience on the present matter of drought.

The picture book had numbered pages.

If you hold your breath long enough you can see the craters on the moon, you can see the Sea of Tranquility.

One good turn deserves another cupcake.

The range of the electric bicycle is nowhere near the range of the nuclear bicycle.

Please write slower so the reader has time to digest your thoughts.

The consternation of ideas is the administration of ideas; is a question, that.

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